Friday, March 15, 2013

My Day

By Olivia—Grade 4

When I woke up I was very tired. I called to my dad so he knew I was awake. When I was out of bed I waked to the kitchen and put in my English muffin. After I put it in I went to get out my highlights magazine in the dinning room. When my muffin popped my dad buttered it while I read a story in my magazine. When my dad finished buttering it I ate my English muffin while finishing my story. When I finished eating I got on my beautiful pink and purple dress. After I got my socks on I had some orange juice, then brushed my teeth. After I brushed, my dad put two pony tails in my hair. I loved my outfit for the day.

When my hair was done and my dad and I were ready we got my dog and climbed into my dad’s car. We brought my dog Dixon so he could go to work with my dad. Workers give him treats a lot. As we were driving to school we were listening to a playlist I made. It has some of my favorite songs on it. When my dad and I got to school we stopped the music and I got out of the car. The party’s over, I thought.

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